Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Burt's Bees Radiance Creams• Review

This is my first beauty post and my first review post- two birds, one stone! I came across these moisturisers because my lovely Nan bought me the Burt's Bees Radiance set for christmas that contained samples of the whole range. I've tried so many moisturisers that have made my skin break out, feel heavy and leave my skin looking dull and when I found this and it worked well for me, I was so relieved. It reduces the red pigments in my skin, soothes my skin and also last until the next morning when I wake up! The day cream is water based so quite light and brilliant for oily and combination skin. As it's water based it means I won't break out because of excess oils that are normally in moisturisers. The night cream is just as good but provides that little bit more moisture as you would expect from a night cream. It has a pearlescent look to it which I adore- although the smell isn't so nice! As I said it helps soothe redness and break outs. I have fairly sensitive skin so anything with perfumes will just irritate my skin normally resulting in breakouts, boo.. but because both of these creams are 98.2% natural, I dont have to worry about any perfumes! These are quite pricey at £19.99 a jar but are so worth it. If £19.99 is a bit too much, Waitrose always have offers such as 1/3 off Burt's Bees or buy one get on half price, which kind of takes the guiltyness away.. a bit.

Overall, I would definetly recommend these creams to anyone with normal, combination and oily skin who is looking for a holy grail moisturiser- I swear I'll never switch moisturisers again!

Sarah x

Monday, 27 May 2013

90's Scrunchie•DIY

Hello! I bringing to you my first ever DIY- how exciting! As it's my first, I thought I would make it super easy to follow and make. I got inspiration from the recent Urban Outfitters scrunchies (see here) and got intrigued as to how to make one. I came up with this, although I'm wasn't too sure about the measurements, mine turned out great! Obviously, you can change the measurements depending on whether you want a big scrunchie or small. This is a great DIY to get use those unwanted scraps of material- mine were from when i cut jeans to shorts and had loads of excess denim. Anyway, here it is!

First you'll want to make sure you have all the items needed to make the scrunchie:

  • a piece of fabric at least 20cmx9cm
  • needle and thread
  • measuring tape
  • scissors
  • elastic(a hair tie works just as well!)
  • pins(optional)
  • chalk(optional)
  • pin(optional)

Measure and cut your fabric to 20cmx9cm, can vary depending on how big you want your scrunchie.

Fold in half- you may want to pin if you don't think you can sew and keep the fabric straight and together.. it does get quite fiddly sometimes!

Sew along the of the fabric, making sure to leave the two shorter sides open.

Turn in side out!

This is where the pin comes in handy! Pin the pin to the end of the elastic so it makes it easier to pull it through the fabric tube you have created. When you have threaded the elastic through, secure the elastic to it becomes more like a hairband.

Sew the two open ends together..

.. et voila! You have your brand new scrunchie that you can be proud to say you made yourself. Enjoy!


Friday, 24 May 2013

hello stranger

Hello there!First thing I would like to say is a massive sorry. I've been absent from here for a good four months and I know that is totally not acceptable (and I don't even have exams- no excuse!) But I will hopefully be uploading more frequently as I have made a myself a promise that I will make a conscious effort to update here more. Expect to see OOTDS, hauls and lookbooks in the near future.

Besides from my blog, I'm a massive fan of polyvore. I just think its such a good way of expressing yourself with clothes and getting inspiration. I prefer it to lookbook because you may not necessarily have the clothes but can still create outfits with those pieces and give inspiration to others as well!

For anyone who is wondering, my polyvore is:
I upload sets to there frequently (more frequently than here.. oops!) Have a lovely weekend!

Sarah :-)

Monday, 21 January 2013

Fashion Trend•Babydoll Dress

With the grunge trend just growing bigger and bigger through out the winter months, the signature 90's shape babydoll dress has been no exception. This dress can be pairing with an over-sized denim jacket, a pair of dr martens and a beanie to give more of a 90's inspired look or a floral cardigan, knitted tights and patent pink ballet pumps for a more girly approach to this dress. As I said, this style of dress is big right now so it wont be hard to find a style and pattern that you love! Mine is the Topshop grey speckle tee dress (above: 4.) because it has a lovely relaxed fit around the waist and hips which can be dressed up by cinching in the waist with a statement belt. This has got to be my favourite style of dress ever because it so flattering and versatile (you can pair it with almost anything!) and can't wait to add some more to my collection.

1. PATTERNED Urban Outfitters, Staring At Stars Palm Print Open Babydoll Dress, £52 (buy here)
Whatever pattern, babydoll dresses can always be styled with a black leather jacket and chelsea boots in the day and transition into night with a block colour blazer and some studded killer heels! An effortless outfit that looks great.

2. SLEEVELESS Elkin, Rosemary Dress, £99 (buy here)
I love this dress because its such a twist on the famous babydoll shape! The t-shirt sleeves have been ditched leaving just the iconic cinched waist- and it still looks lovely. 

3. FLORAL Urban Outfitters, Vintage Renewal O&O Ethnic Dress, £45 (buy here)
Floral is a classic 90's pattern but has been re-vamped in this piece. The chiffon-esque material and earth toned floral print has more of a boho style to it. I think this dress would be great for summer with strappy, brown gladiator sandals, round sunnies and beach wavy hair. Such a nice dress!

4. PLAIN Topshop Speckle Roll Sleeve Mini Dress, £26 (buy here)
As I said before, I actually own this dress and dare I say it, I think it's the best purchase I've made from Topshop. This dress is so easy to layer with and looks great with a collared shirt underneath. If you prefer dresses that don't cling to your hips then I would recommend go one size up with this dress, as I did and have never regretted. If you want more of a cinched in waist, just put a belt around you waist line and your good to go!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Topshop Wish List• January 2013

1. Topshop Animal Print Strapless Bralet, £22 (Buy Here)

Although it has been snowing non-stop since Friday morning, I've fallen in love with this summery animal print bralet from Topshop. I wouldn't normally go for a leopard print anything(especially not a bralet!)but Topshop have designed this in a way, I believe, looks very classy. Layer up with an open plain button up shirt, high waisted jeans and a parka and your good to go!

2. Topshop HANNA Flatform Sandals, £32 (Buy Here)

Again, probably not the most season appropriate piece but I've wanted a pair of flatform shoes for a while and these are just perfect! I think I could style these for the more pleasant days in winter by pairing them with some sheer patterned socks (Click Here). Or, if I'm feeling a bit more bold, colour block with a pair of bright lace trim socks (Click Here).

3. Topshop Nail Varnish, £6- (left to right) Eclipse(Buy Here), Chase (Buy Here)and Valley (Buy Here)

I have yet to purchase a Topshop nail varnish but I've heard nothing but good reviews. I am a big nail varnish fanatic and Topshop is great because they have such a great range of colours (there are three because I couldn't decide on just one!). 

4. Topshop Worn Black High Waisted Jamie Jeans, £40 (Buy Here)

I'm not really one to splash out on jeans because I haven't ever found a pair of jeans I have felt really comfortable in. But, I tried these on in store the other week and regretted not buying them ever since. I don't know whether it was the price that stopped me from buying them (I don't think my purse can take any more purchases from Topshop!)or what but I definitely needs these jeans in my life. They are such a good fit, flatter your legs and actually fit the length of my legs,a rare thing with jeans and me!