Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Burt's Bees Radiance Creams• Review

This is my first beauty post and my first review post- two birds, one stone! I came across these moisturisers because my lovely Nan bought me the Burt's Bees Radiance set for christmas that contained samples of the whole range. I've tried so many moisturisers that have made my skin break out, feel heavy and leave my skin looking dull and when I found this and it worked well for me, I was so relieved. It reduces the red pigments in my skin, soothes my skin and also last until the next morning when I wake up! The day cream is water based so quite light and brilliant for oily and combination skin. As it's water based it means I won't break out because of excess oils that are normally in moisturisers. The night cream is just as good but provides that little bit more moisture as you would expect from a night cream. It has a pearlescent look to it which I adore- although the smell isn't so nice! As I said it helps soothe redness and break outs. I have fairly sensitive skin so anything with perfumes will just irritate my skin normally resulting in breakouts, boo.. but because both of these creams are 98.2% natural, I dont have to worry about any perfumes! These are quite pricey at £19.99 a jar but are so worth it. If £19.99 is a bit too much, Waitrose always have offers such as 1/3 off Burt's Bees or buy one get on half price, which kind of takes the guiltyness away.. a bit.

Overall, I would definetly recommend these creams to anyone with normal, combination and oily skin who is looking for a holy grail moisturiser- I swear I'll never switch moisturisers again!

Sarah x

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