Sunday, 20 January 2013

Topshop Wish List• January 2013

1. Topshop Animal Print Strapless Bralet, £22 (Buy Here)

Although it has been snowing non-stop since Friday morning, I've fallen in love with this summery animal print bralet from Topshop. I wouldn't normally go for a leopard print anything(especially not a bralet!)but Topshop have designed this in a way, I believe, looks very classy. Layer up with an open plain button up shirt, high waisted jeans and a parka and your good to go!

2. Topshop HANNA Flatform Sandals, £32 (Buy Here)

Again, probably not the most season appropriate piece but I've wanted a pair of flatform shoes for a while and these are just perfect! I think I could style these for the more pleasant days in winter by pairing them with some sheer patterned socks (Click Here). Or, if I'm feeling a bit more bold, colour block with a pair of bright lace trim socks (Click Here).

3. Topshop Nail Varnish, £6- (left to right) Eclipse(Buy Here), Chase (Buy Here)and Valley (Buy Here)

I have yet to purchase a Topshop nail varnish but I've heard nothing but good reviews. I am a big nail varnish fanatic and Topshop is great because they have such a great range of colours (there are three because I couldn't decide on just one!). 

4. Topshop Worn Black High Waisted Jamie Jeans, £40 (Buy Here)

I'm not really one to splash out on jeans because I haven't ever found a pair of jeans I have felt really comfortable in. But, I tried these on in store the other week and regretted not buying them ever since. I don't know whether it was the price that stopped me from buying them (I don't think my purse can take any more purchases from Topshop!)or what but I definitely needs these jeans in my life. They are such a good fit, flatter your legs and actually fit the length of my legs,a rare thing with jeans and me!

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