Monday, 27 May 2013

90's Scrunchie•DIY

Hello! I bringing to you my first ever DIY- how exciting! As it's my first, I thought I would make it super easy to follow and make. I got inspiration from the recent Urban Outfitters scrunchies (see here) and got intrigued as to how to make one. I came up with this, although I'm wasn't too sure about the measurements, mine turned out great! Obviously, you can change the measurements depending on whether you want a big scrunchie or small. This is a great DIY to get use those unwanted scraps of material- mine were from when i cut jeans to shorts and had loads of excess denim. Anyway, here it is!

First you'll want to make sure you have all the items needed to make the scrunchie:

  • a piece of fabric at least 20cmx9cm
  • needle and thread
  • measuring tape
  • scissors
  • elastic(a hair tie works just as well!)
  • pins(optional)
  • chalk(optional)
  • pin(optional)

Measure and cut your fabric to 20cmx9cm, can vary depending on how big you want your scrunchie.

Fold in half- you may want to pin if you don't think you can sew and keep the fabric straight and together.. it does get quite fiddly sometimes!

Sew along the of the fabric, making sure to leave the two shorter sides open.

Turn in side out!

This is where the pin comes in handy! Pin the pin to the end of the elastic so it makes it easier to pull it through the fabric tube you have created. When you have threaded the elastic through, secure the elastic to it becomes more like a hairband.

Sew the two open ends together..

.. et voila! You have your brand new scrunchie that you can be proud to say you made yourself. Enjoy!



  1. Very cute.
    Clever clogs :)
    Now following you on bloglovin.

  2. Thankyou, I had fun experimenting with it! Love your blog, following you on bloglovin' too:-)